Cedar Point Amusement Park , Sandusky, Ohio, Aug. 16, 2016

Gorgeous view from the Ferris Wheel
Gorgeous view from the Ferris Wheel

Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
August 15- 17, 2016
We arrived at Lighthouse Campground in Sandusky, Ohio around 7:30 pm, Monday, August 15th, home of Cedar Point Amusement Park. The best part of this campground….a 5 minute walk. Our site #254 was awesome, concrete slab, privacy bushes between all the sites and we were basically 75 yards from us. At first we weren’t quite sure, but you know what, it was so cool, right? Listening to the roller-coasters and the people screams of excitement was refreshing to hear.
So, Monday night we set up camp, had a cocktail and took a walk around the perimeter of park. The one ride that stood out was the Sling Shot.  

It was colorful with the neon flashing lights and people being launched 360 feet into the air and of course, you can only imagine the screaming…so we decided not to go on it, LOL.

The weather for Tuesday was 90% chance of rain, so we thought, should we stay or just pack up and head on out. We decided to take a chance, and you know what……it turned out to be a perfect day…82 degrees, low humidity and partly sunny. We are learning not to trust the weather app.

The park opens for the campground an hour before the general public, so we were excited about that…..NOT. So don’t plan on getting there early. They were basically cleaning the park and test running the rides. One thing we did notice was the park doesn’t have great signage for the entrances of the rides. Every time we thought we saw the entrance, it was the exit…lol, and when you asked any employee walking around they didn’t know. Got a bit frustrating, but we finally found a map which were hard to find.    



So, now on to the good stuff. First ride was The Rougarou, Goes 60 mph and drops you 137 feet and then flips you upside down 4 times….awesome ride!!!  

  The Blue Streak- Cedar Point’s classic wooden roller-coaster built in 1964. Takes you back to old school thrills. Next, was the Gatekeeper- located in the front of the park gives you an awesome impression of what’s to come. It climbs to 170 feet and a 2 ½ minute adrenaline rush through twists and turns. The Magnum XL-200- is the ultimate ride, located right on the shore of Lake Erie.20160816_20263420160816_214647

View of Lake Erie
View of Lake Erie

The Magnum was the first roller-coaster ever to top 200 feet, and on a clear day, they say you can see Canada. The first drop it reaches 72 mph. and then go through 3 tunnels and a “pretzel” turn. Maverick- coaster is one of a kind, with its 400 foot long launch through a pitch black tunnel.
One of our favorite coasters was the Millennium Force-, voted “Best Steel Roller Coaster in the world.”
The 319 foot, 93 mph recording breaking ride has an 80 degree up and 80 degree drop. I will say I was very apprehensive about going on, but WOW……glad we did…it was the best ride, just wish it was longer. The Wicked Twister- is the fastest and tallest coaster of its kind in the world. You are launched into two 450 degree spirals at each end of the tracks. The Valravn- takes you up 223 feet and holds you over the edge for 4 seconds!, then drops you at a 90 degree angle traveling at speeds up to 75 mph. The Top Thrill Dragster- Zero to 120 MPH in less than 4 seconds. A few seconds later, you’re 420 feet in the air and then drops you straight down. The ride is 17 seconds long, but well worth the thrill.  

 Last but not least, Raptor- turning you upside down six different times with nothing under your feet but the sky. Awesome ride!!!…
But, to be honest…..the view from the Ferris Wheel- was amazing and breath taking…from looking down at the entire park, to seeing Lake Erie. Perfect way to end the day!!!  

Tickets were $45.00 if you stay at The Lighthouse Point Campground. 

David & Will aka 2GuysRving
David & Will aka 2GuysRving


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