Common Courtesy of Camping

Common Courtesy of Camping…

I know, I know….This subject has been done many times, but this is our take on good camping etiquette.
We have been part time RV’ers for 4 years now and have seen a lot for such a short period of time. In the near future, we hope to be out there with you full timers.

This list is just from our experiences and not intended to offend anyone.

1. A simple “Hello “is always nice, when you have neighbors since it is usually tight quarters. Be friendly, but not to the point where you go over constantly. People will invite you over if they want. For some, a simple wave is always a good introduction. Some campers are there to relax, so play it by ear. You never know, a friendship can always start with a “Hello”.hello

2. Try to arrive at your campsite before nightfall, we know sometimes there are exceptions: traffic, late start. We think if you get in after dark, do the bare minimum to get you through the night. Do the rest in the morning, but not too early. LOL

3. Don’t trespass or do short cuts through other campsites, it’s rude. Enjoy the walk and bond with nature, which brings us to #4.

4. People are camping to relax and enjoy themselves. Nothing is more annoying than loud music when you are camping. Then there’s the outside TV’s which we have in our new RV. Just be courteous of fellow campers.* they now have wireless headsets.

5. On extremely hot days make sure your pets have plenty of water and shade. Also keep them leashed; it’s usually a set rule or  law in most states. Some people have a fear of big dogs or even dogs charging at them. Constantly barking dogs are downright annoying. Please take them inside or control them somehow. Also, don’t leave for the day and leave your poor dog chained up outside.* Again, the annoying constant barking dog. Last but not least…Please, clean up after your doggie, especially if it’s on your neighbor’s site.thirsty dog

6. Buy local wood, you don’t want to bring insects or disease into the area. We cheat at times when we only want a couple of hours, so we use those 2-3 hours firelogs.

7. This I’m sure is a sore subject: Campfires and smoke. I know you can’t help which way the wind blows, but you are camping. Expect it. If it is bothering us we just go inside and play cards or at least invite us over for a few drinks. LOL

8. Get a canopy for outside. They come in very handy, whether you put your picnic table under it or have one with screens on it, it shields you from rain and sun. We enjoy being outside as much as possible.

9. Always have extra water on hand. I don’t care what kind of filtration system the camp ground have, I never drink it, but I will use it for boiling. Plus it’s always good if you have an emergency.

10. Watch for tree branches that are low hanging and also remember to lower your antenna. We learned this the hard way in the beginning.

11. Keep your motorhome organized, it makes life so much easier. I know people want to make it their home, all nice and cozy with all the knick – knacks, but whoa, stay off of QVC and HSN. LOL.
We keep out things we use on a regular basis. Now we have underneath storage, which we call “the basement”. Bought clear totes and organized them accordingly: electrical, plumbing, extra shoes and outdoor stuff like tablecloths, candles etc. An organized home makes happy campers.
*** Very Important…Keep Your Toolbox Handy***, again, we learned it the hard way.

12. Look at your site before you park your motorhome. Look for rocks, sticks and yes, even dog poop…don’t ask. Move picnic table out of the way if you can and when you back in, try not to park smack up against your neighbor. (I know it can’t be helped at times; cozy is one thing but…) We once had no choice how to park and the neighbor’s fire pit was 2 feet from our motorhome. Luckily they didn’t use it. BOOM

13. If there are two of you, team work makes it so much easier. Drop those jacks, one does the outside and the other does the inside….easy peasy…Also, if you see a solo camper it never hurts to ask if they need help.

14. Safety: If your neighbor goes away for the day (We know it’s not our responsibility), but keep an eye out for them. (But don’t be a Gladys Kravitz…you youngin’s will have to google that one…LOL) We know we would appreciate it.Gladys_Kravitz

I’m sure there’s some I have missed, but its 5:30 am and I haven’t had enough coffee 🙂

Happy Camping,
David & Will

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