Holiday Punch

Holiday PunchHoliday Punch

It’s that time of year already. I been looking for a good punch for a few days and nothing was splashing out at me.
So many of them were sugary and just wasn’t what I was looking for. Then, BOOM….It splashed in my face…lol. Why not make a
healthy, delicious punch that will not only taste great, but also give you benefits from YLEO and support overall wellness and maintain healthy body systems.

4 Cups Organic Apple Juice
2 Cups Cranberry Juice
5 drops Orange YLEO
2 drops Lemon YLEO
2 d
rops Thieves YLEO
2 drops Cinnamon Bark

add fresh cranberries, lemon slices, orange slices and apple wedges
In a large glass container, mix all together and chill, chill, chill…..
so refreshing, healthy and supporting our body.


Happy Holidays

from David & Will


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