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Welcome to Just A Guy In The Kitchen Blog.

I decided to do this page because my partner and I wanted to start feeling better, so by just tweaking a few ingredients in recipes we have seen some results, plus a few pounds lost. I have always loved to cook and share my recipes, so now I decided to share my favorite recipes that have been reworked into making better choices without giving up awesome flavors.

I have been busy in the kitchen recreating many delicious recipes from soups to desserts. My partner is a very picky eater and he has actually been enjoying the new creations which is a huge step for him ( proud of the guy ).

I would like to disclose now, that I am neither a doctor, dietitian nor do I have any culinary background, just a guy who likes to cook healthier, flavorful and delicious versions of the old.

Most salt, sugars, high fat meats and preservatives have been removed but adding alternative ingredients and essential oils to impact the flavors. All recipes posted, I have made and loved enough to share them. I will not be adding any nutritional facts for the recipes, just remember it's all about portion control.

So, Please feel free to share with your family and friends.

Thank you & Enjoy,

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