Meet Chloe…

100_0631   Meet Chloe….
Chloe is one of the most precious thing to me, besides Will, of course. I rescued her about 6 years ago when she was around 3 years old, which makes her my 9 year old daughter. I went back two times to see her because I wasn’t sure, she had a bit of an attitude and was a rather large cat (15 Lbs.) So the second time I went, she picked me.

I’ll never forget, when I was leaving , I asked what her name was and they said BABS….Excuse me!!…They said…”Big And Beautiful”,20140101_082617 I said  Alrighty Then. Well, we got in the car…I looked at her (BABS )and said ” You are now Molly”. So after a day or two I kept calling her Zoe with no” I ” Zoe's face shot-001,which was my other rescue cat I adopted. I had her 4 years before she passed away a year prior.20140415_084010
So Chloe rhymed with Zoe with no ” I ” , so Chloe it was…lol.
I must say Chloe has been such a wonderful addition to my life.She is always there, never talks back and believe me, she TELLS me when dinner is …4:15 pm.

20140510_061937She has quite the life, she eats, bathes and sleeps most of her days. Although she has become a bit of a traveler. She has been to  Provincetown, Bar Harbor Kennebunkport, Maine to
Key Largo, St. Augustine ,Florida.
Does she love it? Once we get there she is fine.
So, That is her life in a nut shell. Thank you taking the time to meeting Chloe.20140616_091430

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