Our Story

Meet David

When I was a child, my parents took my three brothers and I tent camping. These were the vacations my parents enjoyed taking. We mainly stayed local in the Williamsport, Pennsylvania area. Then, after becoming an adult, I just never took the time to continue tent camping. But, I loved hearing about my friends and their many camping adventures.

When I met Will–who had camped most of his adult days–my travel life changed. Our first trip in a motorhome was to Key Largo, Florida, and that was it. I fell in love with the blue water, the sand, and the RV Lifestyle.


Meet Will

I always traveled as a child, but our travel was limited to the East Coast. My grandparents lived in Florida, so we spent a lot of time there. After kids, we camped in a tent once, then purchased a popup we used for 12 years. After that we bought a 26 foot pull trailer to travel with our three kids and a dog. The trip that did me in was the 25 day trip to the West–that put the traveling bug in me.

After a divorce and a health scare, I made major changes in my life. I purchased a Bed & Breakfast and met David. We have enjoyed listening to and learning from all the guests that have stayed with us at our inn. They have inspired us to go out and see the world. Their stories have encouraged us to pursue living full time on the road. So we are now back in the RV Lifestyle and purchased our own motorhome. We are looking forward to traveling to all four corners of the United States.