Therapeutic Bug Repellent from YLEO

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Young Living Essential Oils come from plants that have been around longer than we have.The three oils used in this bug repellent are Lavender, citronella and lemongrass.mosquito

Lavender Oil: This is an overall ” go to ” oil because of it’s relaxing, soothing benefits and can be safely used on children.  It is great for relaxing, pain relief, rashes, the list goes on.

Citronella Oil: The health benefits from citronella oil supports  the immunity system, disinfectant and as an insect repellent which is what most of us think of and mosquitoes…lol.

Lemongrass Oil: Lemongrass smells like, you guessed it, Lemons…but milder and sweeter. The one benefit side of it, is used for purification.
So put the three together and you get a pleasant smelling,therapeutic bug repellent that may also build up your immune system.
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