Relaxing Bath Salts YLEO

Bath salts soothe the body and mind and are a great way to pamper yourself or make them for friends and family. You can learn how to make bath salts with this Relaxing Bath Salt Recipe below.

Bath salts come in many different forms, each one promising a different set of health benefits. Personally, I prefer a mix of Epsom salt, Himalayan sea salts and of course Young Living Essential Oils.
An essential oil is a concentrated liquid containing aromatic and other beneficial compounds from plants.

Men also love bath salts too – These awesome bath salts can be made in a variety of scents, so even guys will love using them!  Lemon has great cleansing and purifying properties, Pan Away is wonderful for soothing aches and pains, Stress Away and Peace and Calming can greatly reduce tension and anxious feelings.

Relaxing Bath Salt Recipe: 

1 Cup Epsom Salt
1/4 Cup Himalayan Pink Salt
4 Drops YLEO Lavender Oil
4 Drops YLEO Lemon Oil
Just mix them together in order, and place in a sealed glass jar.
About 2-3 Tablespoons should be enough for the bath salt soak.

Sit back and relax!!!

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